3MMX2WOB.0001-Cougar Mouse Minos x2 Black ماوس كوجر

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3MMX2WOB.0001-Cougar Mouse Minos x2 Black ماوس كوجر

Remarkable Precision

Optical Gaming Sensor with Adjustable DPI
COUGAR has collected professional FPS gamers’ input and advice. Minos X2 uses the gaming optical sensor ADNS-3050, which allows you to work at different DPI levels to achieve the best fit for your needs. Lower DPI levels bring you the ability to aim with ease, while higher DPI levels allow for faster movements.
The six preset DPI levels (500/1000/1500/2000/3000) can be selected by using a dedicated button.
Switch polling rates (125/1000Hz) easily with Minos X2 to suit your personal tastes and hardware requirements.

Absolute Comfort

Claw Grip
Fingertip Grip
Slim Design for Easy Grabs and Quick Lifts
The Best Gaming Mouse for Claw and Fingertip Grip Gamers!
If you are looking for an ideal mouse for claw and fingertip grip, Minos X1 is a sound choice. With a refined ergonomic design, rubber-coated flanks, this is a comfortable and efficient gaming tool.

Powerful Backlight

Three Zone Backlight
Enhance your gaming atmosphere right from the start! Minos X2’s three-zone backlight helps you add an attractive feel to your gaming setup.

Reliable and Durable Components

OMRON Micro Switches with 20 Million Clicks
Minos X2’s OMRON Switches not only guarantee an incredibly long life (at least 20 million clicks) but also provide peerless reliability..

Awards & Reviews

Game Zoom

“˙geringes Gewicht ˙hohe Gleitfähigkeit ˙guter Grip ˙gutes Ha…”


“Cougar Minos X2 gây ấn tượng với game thủ khi sở hữ…”

CS:GO Hungary

“It will be ideal for a higher level FPS / MOBA / RTS games, casua…”


product Name MINOS X2 Gaming Mouse
Sensor ADNS-3050 Optical gaming sensor
Resolution 500/1000/1500/2000/3000 DPI
Switching OMRON gaming switches
LED Backlight Three-Zone backlight
Interface USB plug
Dimension 122(L) X 67(W) X 40(H) mm
4.80(L) X 2.74(W) X 1.57(H) in
Cable Length 1.8m
Weight 94g (0.21 lbs)

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


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