6959144047300-Vertux Mouse Wireless Gaming فيرتكس

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6959144047300-Vertux Mouse Wireless Gaming فيرتكس


High Performance Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse

Play your favorite games with wireless freedom using the high-precision gaming mouse, Glider. Engineered with an advanced optical sensor with on-the-go DPI adjustments up to 1600 DPI, this gaming mouse lets you track through screens with unmatched accuracy. The wireless gaming mouse features 2.4G wireless transmission technology which allows for a lag-free gaming experience. Play for a long duration as the gaming mouse boasts a stylish, unseen design that fits perfectly in your palm and provides long-time gaming comfort. Simply connect the USB receiver and win the battlefield with your moves.

Technical Specification
3V, 6mA
Sensor Resolution:
Battery Type:
Lithium Polymer
Battery Capacity:
Wireless Distance:

Glider Black

Glider Black

Glider Black

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