6959144047379-Vertux Mouse UPTO فيرتكس

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6959144047379-Vertux Mouse UPTO فيرتكس


Precision Tracking Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Enter the world of gaming with full-dominance using this high-precision mouse, Vertux Drago. Coupled with 6 programmable buttons and 4 on-the-fly DPI settings, this gaming mouse gives you an extra edge over your opponent. The advanced optical sensor and high-grade switches deliver impeccably fast response with ultimate durability. Keep your gaming sessions thrilling with stylish rainbow backlight. Tilt game in your favor during marathon sessions as the gaming mouse provides ultimate comfort and uncompromising performance every time.

Technical Specification
5V, 100mA
Sensor Resolution:
Cable Length:

Drago White

Drago White

Drago White

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