6959144048222-Vertux MALAGA Wired Headset Blue فيرتكس

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6959144048222-Vertux MALAGA Wired Headset Blue فيرتكس


Amplified Stereo Wired Gaming Headset

Hear the unheard details with this premium headset boasting powerful 40mm speaker drivers for a perfect competitive gaming experience. The gaming headset creates realistic audio depth and lets you chat with your teammates with utmost clarity, killing background disturbance. Malaga also features in-line controls boasting a volume controller and microphone on/off button. The headset is designed to last long as it sports a steel-reinforced adjustable headband, which also lightens the overall weight of the headset. With padded earmuffs and headband, you get to play games for long without stress.

Technical Specification
Driver unit diameter:
Ф50 mm
102dB ± 3%
20 – 20000Hz
32Ω ± 15%
MIC Sensitivity:
-38db ± 3db
Input Jack:
Ф3.5 Stereo
Cable length:
Maximum Power Input:
Malaga Blue
Malaga Blue
Malaga Blue
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