6959144048529-Vertux Mouse Wired Ergonomic Keyobard فيرتكس

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6959144048529-Vertux Mouse Wired Ergonomic Keyobard فيرتكس


Backlit Ergonomic Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Equip your battle station with this full-featured gaming keyboard and mouse combo, Orion. Designed to comply with gamers, the 104-key gaming keyboard sports high-grade, tactical keys with crisp sound. The three-color backlight lets you enjoy gaming during night or daytime with convenience and style. On the other hand, the gaming mouse boasts a high-precision optical sensor that keeps you ahead of the competition. The mouse features an adjustable DPI switch up to 3200 DPI. With medium resistance and unmatched accuracy, the gaming keyboard and mouse give you an extra edge over the competitors. Orion is a true gaming combo that lets you concentrate on the game and not fatigue.

Orion Black

Orion Black

Technical Specification
Keyboard Rating:
5V, 300 mA
Keyboard Backlight:
3-Color LED
Keyboard Cable Length:
Mouse Rating:
5V, 100A
Mouse Sensor Resolution:
Mouse Cable Length:
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