Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal كرسي كوجر ارمور تايتن برو

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Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal كرسي كوجر ارمور تايتن برو



    The Flagship Gaming Chair

    ARMOR TITAN PRO is the perfect gaming throne for those who want to enjoy their games in absolute comfort while enjoying a visually attractive gaming chair. Endowed an extra-large build and with support for up to 160kg, plenty of adjustment options and top-quality materials, if you’re looking for the best gaming chair, you’re looking for ARMOR TITAN PRO!

    A Massive Gaming Throne: Support for 160kg

    With support for up to 160kg (way beyond most competitors’ capabilities) and a steel structure, ARMOR TITAN PRO is a rock-solid seat that will comfortably for hours. With a seat width of 60cm and a generally massive size, this chair is truly worth of kings!

    Suede-Like Texture

    COUGAR ARMOR TITAN PRO is a premium seat for the most demanding gamers. TITAN PRO adds to its incredible quality and customization capabilities features: a premium suede-like texture in both pillows and the frontal/upper side of the chair’s angled flanks. Performance and gorgeous looks meet in a chair worthy of true royalty.

    Body-embracing High Back Design

    Endowed with an ergonomic design created especially for gamers, ARMOR TITAN PRO has been created to support your body comfortably. Its high back structure will adequately support your lower back, minimizing tension there.

    Breathable Premium PVC Leather

    ARMOR TITAN PRO brings you only the best. Its extra-thick premium PVC leather feels pleasant to the touch and allows air to pass through, which will keep you fresh and comfortable.

    Memory Head Pillow & Lumbar Pillow

    To provide additional support and comfort,ARMOR TITAN PRO includes two comfortable pillows for your head and lumbar region. Focus on the game!

    Adjustable Design

    ARMOR TITAN PRO will adapt itself to your needs in every moment through four adjustment options:

    Piston Lift Height Adjustment

    Easily adjust ARMOR TITAN PRO’s height with the high-quality piston lift.

    Continuous Reclining

    With ARMOR TITAN PRO, you are not restricted to fixed steps when reclining your chair. Instead of being limited to a few options, you can find the exact point that maximizes your comfort and stay there.

    170º Reclining

    ARMOR TITAN PRO allows you to recline up to 170º. Stay straight while working and lie down for resting when you’re over.

    Rock the Titan PRO

    ARMOR TITAN PRO’s convenient tilting capability allows you to tilt the chair (up to 13º) to achieve the perfect position and lock it using a conveniently placed lever, all while sitting on it.

    4D Adjustable Arm Rest

    Ready to suit your needs, ARMOR TITAN PRO’s armrests allow you to adjust them in four different ways, three dimensions, and eight directions:

    Backward / Forward Adjustment

    Provides a comfortable rest to elbow, forearm, and arm.

    Left / Right Turning

    ideal for keeping the armrests available, no matter which position you adopt.

    Height Adjustment

    moving the armrest up or down will help you to find the most suitable position to enjoy games.

    Left / Right Adjustment

    suitable for all body sizes and positions.

    Quality and Safety

    ARMOR TITAN PRO is as reliable as its name indicates, and it has been created with the best components to guarantee not only that it will last for a long time, but also that you will be able to make use of all its amazing features safely.

    Full Steel Frame

    ARMOR TITAN PRO bones are made up of steel, not only guaranteeing long-term durability but also providing strong support for your body.

    Ultimate Quality: Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder

    The heart of any gaming chair is its gas lift cylinder. We have not skimped in quality for this vital component and decided to use a Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder to guarantee unparalleled safety and reliability. With smooth operation and incredible resistance, it is the best guarantee of ARMOR TITAN PRO’s quality.

    Vortex Aluminum Alloy 5-Star Base with Extra-Size Wheels

    This ultra-stable support for the chair is the definitive guarantee that allows you to use all its functions at ease.


    COUGAR ARMOR S Gaming Chair
    COUGAR ARMOR Gaming Chair COUGAR ARMOR ONE Gaming Chair COUGAR FUSION Gaming Chair
    Size Max Max Mid Mid Small Small
    Diamond Check
    Pattern Design
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Surface Breathable PVC Leather
    Micro Suede-Like Texture
    Breathable PVC Leather Breathable PVC Leather Breathable PVC Leather Breathable PVC Leather Breathable PVC Leather
    High Density Mold
    Shaping Foam
    Yes Yes Yes
    Arm Rest Directions 4D 4D 4D 4D 2D
    Advanced Tilt Mechanism Yes (Advanced Function) Yes (Advanced Function) Yes Yes Yes
    Memory Head Pillow Yes
    Vortex Aluminum 5 Star Base Yes
    Weight Limit 160 kg 160 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg

    Awards & Reviews

    “Opting instead for a solid black look with just the gold-threaded Cougar logos on the head and lumbar pillows, as well as the gold-quilted design on the seat and backrest, was a pretty effective move on Cougar’s part. It gives the Cougar Armor Pro Royal a classier look that allows it to fit just as nicely in a home office setting as it would in a gaming setup…”


    Product Name COUGAR ARMOR TITAN PRO Gaming Chair
    Weight Capacity 160kg (352.73 lb)
    Product Weight 28.6kg (63.05 lb)

    Packing Data

    Product Number (P/N) (Orange / Black) 3MTITANS.0001 / 3MTITANR.0001
    EAN CODE (Orange / Black) 4715302442934 / 4715302442941
    UPC CODE (Orange / Black) 192554001371 / 192554001388
    JAN CODE (Orange / Black) 4541995034039 / 4541995034046
    Individual Size W/O Packaging Weight (N.Weight) 28.2 (kg)
    Individual Packaging Weight (G.Weight) 33.2 (kg)
    Individual Size W/O Packaging (WxHxD) 860 X 740 X 1350 (mm)
    Individual Packaging Size (WxHxD) 890 X 689 x 380 (mm)




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